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Thursday, July 31, 2003
The computer is now home. And working, it seems. Except for small things like audio not being captured along with video or audio is captured but disappears in a matrix-like world, and other computers on the network seeing me but not being able to login because no one can figure out what is the login/password, which doesn't seem to be the same as user login and password. How I love Microsoft and all its claims to absolute dumbed-down user friendliness, what with all those pop ups and urgings to get the most updated version of yet another useless piece of shit software. Supposedly, my computer is now equipped to do video and manipulate massively huge image files (this will come in handy for photography). What my computer can't do is tell me how to fix the above problems. Now, how smart is that? To think, we actually thought computers would eventually solve all our problems!

The perfect pair: stupid people and stupid machines.

I am going for a nice and simple bits- and bytes-free bike ride.

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___________ Monday, July 28, 2003
One friend is here and another is leaving for here. While I continue my armchair travels here. Next summer, is what I say, next summer.

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___________ Wednesday, July 23, 2003
From After Yugoslavia by Zoe Bran:
'Croatia is the West ...' Here in Rijeka at least, it feels like it. Sitting on pine needles, looking across the harbour to the islands in the Kvarner Gulf and beyond to invisible Italy, I wonder what 'the West' means. Europe, the West, Western Europe. The concept seems as powerful here as 'Serb aggression' or 'the Croat nation', and brings to mind a comment, one of those passing remarks overheard on radio or TV, about the nature of Europe.

'Europe,' the speaker said, 'is only in part a geographical phenomenon. The essence of Europe is the Judeo-Christian tradition, and more significantly is the experience of a Renaissance, a Reformation and Counter-Reformation. Without these historical-cultural dimensions, a country cannot consider itself European.'

By these criteria, Canada and Israel are European, Russia and Turkey are not.

M and I were discussing the concept of myth, or more exactly, how much of the world we live in is voluntarily and unbelieveably based upon myth much more than on reality, so much so that the two concepts are rendered meaningless. The problem with this isn't really that we have myths but that reality is replaced by myth. Think of the woman with the beautiful blond hair green eyes C-cup breasts and highwater booty. Where would she be without hairdye, contacts, breast implants and liposuction? Yet she is not a mythical creature, existing only in our minds. She is (enhanced) flesh and blood, ergo real, albeit altered and thus not quite a product of nature. Somehow, to me, she seems that much less real.

When myth becomes reality, will the heavens then fall? And how many more wars will there be before we blow the world up?

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Three months later, they tell me the computer is finally, almost, very soon, not quite ready. Supposedly Murphy's Law was the problem. No, not a defective motherboard, not even the new memory that fried the motherboard, nor the new power supply that torched the box. Nope. Just good ole simple and dependable Murphy's Law. Now I'm afraid to bring it home.

I love Murphy's Photography Laws.

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___________ Sunday, July 13, 2003
Even the most succulent salmon grilled to perfection loses appeal after nearly two months of Sunday salmon. Or perhaps it’s not the salmon’s fault, my of late fishy wishy washiness. I’ve been working a lot and not writing enough, working so much I’m barely coherent. Must have been Tuesday or Wednesday I finally noticed that words fail me. Consistently. Like now.

We watched an old classic (or should I say a young classic) last night, Desperately Seeking Susan with her swaggering pop highness Madonna and uber cutesy Rosanna Arquette in a tutu. Light amusement is my motto these days, especially since even I now think I take too many things much too seriously. I used to say, well, how can I not take things seriously, no one else fucking does. Now, the question is how can I possibly take anything so seriously, especially since stress is more likely to kill me than even the craziest Montreal driver.

The movie was after an evening of watching the fireworks from the Jacques Cartier bridge. Romance and amusement, why would anyone want anything else? I'm not sure. That's another question.

Maybe it's this impending return to school this September. I'm jellied with apprehension and uncertainty. There is this massive question mark hanging over my head, and it is primarily motivated by the feeling that I should have had all this figured out much sooner, or at least feel a promising excitement about what's to come. There is a little voice that mocks me and taunts me, ahh, you're scared to write and put it out there, and photography's so much easier because it doesn't matter as much as words, you scaredy pants. Maybe.

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___________ Tuesday, July 08, 2003
This appeals to me:

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Interesting article about mimicry.

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___________ Sunday, July 06, 2003
Well. The trip out west has been cancelled. Blahh. I like travelling. I need travelling. Staying in one place tends to be monotonous, and the only way I gain perspective is when I leave and then return. Perhaps it's time for another Manhattan trip!

Off to the jazz festival. Taping this (I'm just mad about all things Beatles.)

Did you notice I now have a fotolog? (hint, look at the menu bar to your left) Want one of these.

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___________ Friday, July 04, 2003
Busy week entertaining guests, working, shopping at Ikea, and getting organized for more guest entertaining, another trip out west, and the big changes coming this September, what with returning to school, a new roommate, and whatever else might crop up you-never-know.

Finally got around to uploading photos from my trip out west. You can see Big Sky Country Canada right here.

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