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the wip :: work in progress
Friday, March 14, 2003
She failed herself.

Years ago, she made a decision based on fear of exposure, judgment and failure. The idea of defending a thesis or submitting to an oral exam in a second language scared the bejesus out of her, enough to take a leave of absence from the MA. For the longest time, she believed she had made the decision for other less interesting reasons, like relationship complications. In a sense, she had, but didn't see that her struggle was the relationship with her very own self and not with the others.

It's never really about the others, is it?

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___________ Wednesday, March 12, 2003
The stalled novel has been usurped by another book idea that kept me awake all last night. Closer to home, in my skin, this idea was inspired by the travel writings of Paul Theroux. Zoe, Antonio and Juliana will just have to wait for a while.

Writing is just as much about developing an idea as it is knowing when it's not working. In the end, all you simply want to do is write.

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Word Sketch: Desk Lamp

Round thick aluminum silver disk base with a serrated protruding on-off knob at 6 o'clock and directly opposed by a stubby single t-shaped post splitting into two perpendicular and slim solid stalks interrupted only by a cantilevered joint from where stems a lone post angled forward with a fixed pendulum you grasp to adjust the mushroom cap shade that houses the halogen bulb covered only ith smooth white opaque and softly convex glass.

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___________ Tuesday, March 11, 2003
Word Sketch: Zac Posen Ready-to-Wear 2003

Earth, creams, pale yellows and aquamarines, a shot of claret and mustard gold. Blond, messy, long banged top knots partially obscure the face in an updated circa late 80s glam new wave style. Very short, knee high, pleated or gathered up like a mermaid, a fish tale trails down to her toes. Fish net tights, big floppy fur hoods, slim ankle pants, wide brown leather jumpsuits, black vinyl trench coats, tapestry gold prints, pleated and pale greys, ruffled, scalloped, swinging, twisted, he's all over the place.

And I thought I was confused.

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