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the wip :: work in progress
Thursday, April 10, 2003
To simply describe the actions of a story's characters and its plot devices in a synopsis is to leave out what actually engages the interest of an audience: the dramatic playing out of what's at stake in the story revolving around a dramatic issue or idea that has engaged the interest of its audience.

The ability to write a synopsis that clearly describes what's at stake in a story and a story's fulfillment helps a writer bring out the true dramatic issue or idea at the heart of their story. Such a synopsis answers not only the question of "how," but the deeper question of "why" an audience should care about a particular story and its outcome. (SOURCE)

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___________ Tuesday, April 08, 2003
In the emergency corridor, waiting with M for 9 hours, I began to write and didn't stop for hours. Another story, much closer to home is evolving. I'll let this one take me where it may, and I believe I will set it in Montreal or New York.

Also began writing my second installment for White Space. Now that I know it's lack of iron is behind my brain fog, I feel like I can function.

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